Member and Staff
Member of Parliament
Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP

County Councillors
C Smith (North Ward)
A Grant (South Ward)

Borough Councillors
North Ward
A C Grey
G J Plant
C Smith

South Ward
C Annison
A Grant
S Hacon

Parish Councillors
North Ward

K Baker
R Carrier (Chairman, Amenities & Highways Committee)
B E Comer (Council Vice-Chairman)
J W Francis (Chairman, Planning & Development Committee)
J Jones
R L Squires
J C Shaw
J Thurtle
C H G Wells (Council Chairman)

South Ward
E C Howlett
E J Macdonald (Chairman, Finance & General Purposes Committee)
T Rawson
C Steggles
S Watson
T J Wainwright

Mr J Caborn - Parish Clerk
Mrs S French - Deputy Clerk
Mr K Nursey - Caretaker

All Parish Councillors can be contacted via the Parish Clerk on 01493 444478
If you would be interested in becoming a parish councillor, please click the 'information about Parish Council membership' page.