Bradwell News

The meeting of the Parish Council held on 8.12.15 received a report from Mr Dean Minns, Head of Development Control at Gt Yarmouth Borough Council, concerning the Persimmon Homes Ltd. development in South Bradwell, and the provision of ‘foul drainage’ facilities for that site.

Requests have been made over the past 40+ years for the foul drainage pumping station on Morton Crescent, Bradwell, to be ‘upgraded’, to enable it to cope better with large quantities of rainwater, which along with sewerage outflows have ‘flooded’ into some existing Bradwell properties on a number of occasions, and caused children coming to and from Hillside School to have to walk through such materials. Unfortunately, however, there is a ‘bottle-neck’ in the system near the pumping station which makes it difficult for the necessary upgrade to be achieved at that point. Therefore the Parish Council and many others have vigorously protested against suggestions that additional properties can be linked to the system, which already appears to be overloaded, rather than to the alternative system that passes through the Oriel Avenue, Gorleston, pumping station which was first proposed.

It had previously been reported that Persimmon had been given permission to ‘link’ the development’s first ten houses to the Bradwell ‘foul drainage’ system – this number has evidently increased to sixteen in the meantime – and that, in the event of any further homes being thus ‘linked’, Anglian Water would be required to meet ‘conditions’ set out as part of the approval of the planning application to make appropriate improvements to the system. It has more recently been suggested that some new dwellings in Belton, recently given planning approval, will also be linked to this system. Mr Minns was asked to attend the meeting to explain why arrangements were allowed to go ahead the previous day for the connection of up to 134 further Persimmon dwellings to the ‘foul drainage’ network point in Clay Lane, that connects to the Bradwell system, before Anglian Water’s proposals to improve the system have been received.

Mr Minns confirmed that he has still not received any such proposals from Anglian Water, but explained that the connection to the foul drainage network point did not in itself represent a breach of any of the relevant planning conditions. Action can, however, be taken later if there is found to be a ‘breach of conditions’, or if the Building Control department finds that works carried out are inadequate.

A number of Bradwell County and Borough Councillors were also present at the meeting, and they joined Parish Councillors in expressing frustration at the present situation. Some differences of opinion were expressed between Borough and County Councillors of differing political parties as to the way forward, and the fact that the Borough Council has to ‘plan’ for an additional 7,500 houses over the next fifteen years.