Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting, which have been formally approved at the 2018 meeting:-

19th April, 2017
The Annual Parish Meeting held at 7.30p.m. at Mill Lane Centre, Bradwell
PRESENT: Councillors Wells (Chairman), Baker, Comer, Francis, Howlett, Jones, Macdonald, and Wainwright; Parish Clerk J Caborn; PC M Lay-Flurrie and PCSO L Allen; County/Borough Councillor A Grey; Borough Councillors C Annison, A Grant and S Hacon; Rev’d M Price; Mrs G Frosdick, Mrs M Hilton, Mrs M Humpleby and Mrs J Sullivan (Bradwell Community Woodland Project); Mr B Hubbard, Mrs B and Mr D Goffin, Mr K Kemp, Mr T Payne, and members of the public.

1) APOLOGIES – Councillor Shaw; Borough Councillors G Plant and C Smith; Rev’d C Tinker, Mrs K Smith, Mrs J Waters

2) MINUTES OF MEETING 20th April 2016: The minutes were accepted as a true record and
signed by the Chairman.

3) PARISH COUNCIL REPORT: Reference was made to the report circulated via the latest edition of ‘Bradwellian’, and a number of issues were highlighted, including the progress of the Persimmon development in South Bradwell, and the works currently been carried out by Anglian Water to improve the local system for dealing with foul and waste water discharges, both from these properties and from existing ones, in a way that allows for further ‘sustainable growth’. A meeting with Anglian Water representatives will take place on the same evening as next week’s Parish Council meeting.

The council has kept within its budget for 2016/17, and has in fact set some money aside for a 50% share (with Norfolk County Council) in the cost of a substantial upgrade to the ‘urban path’ between Lords Lane and the Churchyard, which is used by many parents and children on their way to and from local schools.

The chairman pointed out that there are still four vacancies on the council, and appealed to those present to consider joining.

4) COUNTY COUNCILLORS’ AND BOROUGH COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS: Frustration was expressed regarding the reduced amounts of money available for councils to spend, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour, and the fact that it can take two years for a minor scheme e.g. to create a small number of car parking spaces on Kingfisher Close to be completed. Reference was made to the current Anglian Water project.

A presentation took place recently, involving the Mayor and Mayoress, of a sum of money to 1st Bradwell Scout Group, who benefitted from a ‘ward budget’ grant. There will be no ‘ward budgets’ for the current year. The GYB Services ‘grass-cutting’ service has been re-arranged, so that routine cuts will be carried out Mondays – Thursdays, and ‘as required’ cuts on Fridays. A decision will be made in November as to whether the ‘war memorial’ open space on Church Walk will be used for further house-building, or alternatively ‘gifted’ to the parish.

County Council elections will take place on 4th May.

5) POLICE REPORT: PC M Lay-Flurrie and PCSO L Allen reported briefly on Safer Neighbourhood Team staffing levels (one currently long term ill, two pregnancies with light duties); the ‘Operation Shipmate’ operation in response to levels of anti-social behaviour; ‘SNAP’ meetings open to the public which take place every three months, and a ‘street briefing’ arranged to take place shortly on El Alamein Way; Homewatch schemes (currently 26 in Bradwell), and liaison arrangements with other agencies. Those present were reminded of the ‘101’ non-urgent reporting service.

6) BRADWELL COMMUNITY LIBRARY/READING ROOM TRUST REPORT: Rev’d Tinker has forwarded a brief report in which he has thanked the Parish Council for the recent grant cheque. He has suggested that if Bradwell people do not use the service, they will eventually lose it.

7) AMIS MEMORIAL TRUST REPORT: Councillor Macdonald described the work of this Trust and its Advisory Committee, which has raised approximately £9,000 for Woodlands School over many years – this has recently helped to fund improvements in areas such as equipment for the ‘nature area’, the needs of vulnerable children, and a ‘quiet room’.

It was agreed unanimously that Mrs E Cook, sister of the late Mr R Amis, should continue to serve on the Trust’s Advisory Committee for a further three years.

a) Poor Marsh Trust – responsibility for this charity, which exists to help people in real need, was transferred back to the church last year.

b) Bradwell Community Fete – Rev’d Price gave an update on arrangements for the fete, which will be held on Saturday June 10th, at Green Lane Playing Field, by kind permission of the Parish Council, and will ‘celebrate our village and community’.

c) Bradwell Community Woodland Project - some of the trees have recently been coppiced, to ‘open them out’ and thus hopefully reduce vandalism.

d) Mill Lane Centre – the committee is looking for new trustees. Some chairs will be purchased shortly.

e) Bradwell Bowling Club – the committee is short of members. There will be nearly 200 fixtures, and visits from 8 touring sides, this year.

f) ‘Saturday Superstars’ - A brief report from Mrs Waters was read out regarding this club, which is for children and teenagers with a range of additional needs. Meetings are held at Homefield School once a month and run by volunteers, it has four new members, and a ‘fund raising’ link has been forged with the Student Association at East Norfolk Sixth Form College.

f) Parish Allotments – there are currently six vacant plots on the Beccles Road site, and none at Cley Road. The Cley Road site was again awarded ‘gold’ in 2016 by Gt Yarmouth and Gorleston in Blloom, in category 15, ‘best allotments’.

Councillor Howlett proposed a vote of thanks to Councillor Wells for successfully completing his first year as chairman of the council. Councillor Wells thanked Councillor Howlett for his help and guidance over the year, and also thanked the committee chairmen and staff members for their help. The meeting closed at 8.15p.m.